The previous version of my website was nothing more than a tiny link hub, but it had an integrated Twitter widget. The widget was a simple bit of JS that loaded my tweets into an HTML unordered list. It was easy to style, so I made it integrate with the theme of my website. This was when Twitter was just text, with no inlined images or videos.

A while back they disabled the API for that old widget. I didn't really notice because my website back then was little more than an afterthought. After rehauling my site, I went back into the Twitter settings to find a replacement widget. The prepackaged widget they have is far more complex, with clicking to expand images, and all that stuff. It also comes in only white and dark grey.

If I were to bother to look, I'd see that there are actually plenty of customization options for new Twitter widgets. But I'm pretty sure it's not worth it anymore. The requisite complexity, both visual and technical, probably won't mesh well with my website anymore, and they already pulled the API out from under me once.