My name is Lewis. I am also known as quietfanatic. I am a self-directed programmer and a recent graduate of Westmont College.

Sometimes I write things that are too long for Twitter, and this is where I put them. This site is all static HTML compiled by a Perl script and managed by a git repository. There is no comment system because I don't want one. If you want to contact me, please either use Twitter or send an email to lewis at wall dot org.

Below are some of the latest posts.

Migraines Are Weird 2013-11-06 #whatever

From time to time I get migraines. Most people know them as a severe headache that's sensitive to light and sound, but they can have a whole host of strange symptoms as well. My migraines do not hurt very much, thankfully, but they can get weird sometimes. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things that can happen while I have a migraine; I only get a few of these at once.[read more...]

Programming Is the Act Of... 2013-11-04 #programming

If you spend long enough in the world of software you're going to come across some variant of this saying.[read more...]

An Alternative Operator Precedence Rule 2013-10-25 #programming

Almost every major programming language uses precedence tables to determine the order in which operators are evaluated. These tables are quite useful, but they contain a lot of information that is hard to learn. Many programmers can never remember whether && is tighter or looser than ||, or whether bitshift operators are tighter or looser than bitwise logic operators and arithmetic operators. And even if you can remember those rules, the next programmer to read your code won't necessarily remember them; and so style-conscious programmers generally use parentheses to denote the order of uncommon operations. Some language compilers even produce warnings if you rely on the precedence table for boolean logic operations.[read more...]

Evolving My Website 2013-10-18 #web #programming

The revolutionary approach to design is more romantic, but usually the evolutionary approach is more practical. That's the approach I'm taking for my little bloglet thing here, for the most part, and it's working out pretty well. Building gradually from the baseline to a more fully featured system is both easier and more motivating, as you can see the results of your work as you go.[read more...]

An ASM Monad 2013-10-15 #programming #haskell

I Had a Twitter Widget 2013-10-11 #web

Data Is Not Eternal 2013-10-09 #whatever

You Have Unicode, Why Not Use It? 2013-10-08 #programming